How to buy led lights from China?(Import Led Guide in 2022)

When we are doing lighting business,we have to know where we can get the high quality products.Stable sources of supply are very important.

China have whole led lighting industry chain.Normally,lighting material including lighting sources,housing profile,driver.Customers all over the world are buy led lights from China.So if you are a buyer,you need to think about import led light from China.

There are some confusing you need to solve before begin your import business.

1,There are many kinds of led lights in the market.How to know which is the best sale led lighting products in the market?
2,There are large number of vendors in the market.How to choose the right led lights factory?
3,All the salesman are want to sale their products to you. How to know which is the good quality products for you?
4,Import goods from China to your own country is not like buy in the local market. How to ship the goods safety and low cost?

So if you want to learn the basics skill of buying led lights from China.You are on the right place.
We will let you know step by step how to import goods from China. And hope you will be our business partner in the future.


#1,Do research from the local market

There are many kinds of led lights in the market.Tube light ,Strip light, led aluminum profile,led cabinet light,Chandeliers & pendant lights,street lights,led stage lights,holiday lights,table lamps & reading lamps,garden lights,emergency light,etc. Here just few of the popular lights.
So before contact your Chinese supplier, we need to do research from the local market. 1,which kinds of led lights are needed in the market.2,how is the price in the local market.You need to do a list,that will useful for you in business.

Normally, the Chinese led manufactures offering price at least 50% cheaper than your find in local market.That is why many people are buying led lights from China.

Do research is very important.If you are select the right item,then you will have 50% succeed.Because now led lights market is a outbreak of growth market.You need to focus in the right and hot products.Don’t waste time in some low profit items.Such as now led aluminum profile and led linear light is very hot in home decoration light market.You can more easy get customer than normal lighting bulbs.

#2,Find supplier online

led-strip-light-in-ChinaIf come to China to visit supplier or go to China local led lightig market,you need to plan visa,air ticket,hotel and railway sometimes.We need to make a plan careful.You need to plan few days a weeks to China.So it is not convenience to find manufacturers first time in this way.

The most convenience way is to find led light supplier online.This is the quickest way to find a lighting manufacturer which can fit your needs and find more information.

You can use Google or Bing to search what you what to find.

Tips:on the search engine,you need to type a clear description what you what to find.
Exactly keyword will help you find reliable supplier. If you are search led strip light,the keyword must be “Led strip light supplier China”,”Led strip light manufacturer China”,”Led tape light factory China”. The same way ,if you want to search led aluminum profile supplier,the keyword must be”led aluminum profile factory China”,”Led aluminum profile manufacturer China”,”Led aluminum profile supplier China”.

In this way you can find some most famous brand suppliers in China.Check their website, make a list of the contact information,send them a inquiry.Then you will know more product information from market.

#3,Attend lighting exhibition

lighting-fiar-lightstecIn lighting exhibition,you can find large numbers of led suppliers.There are large number of lighting exhibitions are set up across the world.

>Hongkong International Lighting Fair
Add.: HK Convention and Exhibition Center
>Guangzhou International Lighting Fair
Add.: China Import and Export Fair Complex
>Interlight Moscow
Add.: Leningradsky Prospect, 39, building 80,Moscow, Russia
>The Big Show Oman
Add.: Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
>Light+ Building
Add.: Frankfurt Exhibition Center
Add.: Javits Convention Center, River Pavilion, New York
Add.: Dubai World Trade Center
Add.: Feria de Madrid, Recinto Ferial Juan Carlos I, Parque Juan Carlos I, Madrid, Spain
Add.: Espacio Riesco exhibition center,Santiago,Chile

This are the most famous lighting fairs in the world. There are many Chinese led lighting suppliers will display their products in this fairs.So you just need to go the the fair near your country.

In the fairs,you will meet many lighting suppliers there.You can check their products and ask a price.Inspect the quality of the products.

You can collect many supplier name cards, catalogue.And you have batter take a photo with the products you want and take photos with the salesman. This will help you remember after the fairs.

Collect the more suppliers as you can. This will help you much in business.

#4.Visit the supplier factory

visit-led-light-factory-lightstecAfter you have contact with the led light supplier in China and if you have ready place an sample order.You need to think about meet them in their factory.

I strongly ask you meeting them in their factory. That is a important thing you have to do before order bulk order.

First,you can check their workplace and manufacturing process.That is the most important thing to make sure the product quality.

Second,know that factory, the salesman and their manager and their boss.That will make trust with each other.In this way you can insure your payment is save.

Third,and normally,when you place large order,in this way you can get a better discount from the factory.

Import led light from China-HK Exhibition

#5,Request of the inquiry

>You need to make sure what kind of led light products you want.

>No matter the same products, the material quality also have different level.So we need to make sure what quality led lights we want.

>Need to think about how to ship the goods.DHL/UPS, by sea,by air.

#6,Place an order

sample-order-lightstecWe suggest,you need to order samples before place big orders.

When you meet the supplier,inspect the factory.Then you have do more jobs than your competitor in the market.Now you can start your importing business.

We don’t want to make any mistake before order bulk order.No matter how good the supplier looks from their outside.Don’t let them persuade you ordering big order before check samples.

From sample order, you will know the payment process, delivery time, product quality.

When you have the sample, check it careful.If something don’t fit your request.You can ask supplier to change.Or if the supplier can not offer the right product you want.You have better change a new supplier.

#7:Payment Methods

payment_methods-lightstecPayment is make sure both of supplier and buyer are in save way.

Companies are always have their own company account.And it will use their company name as bank account name.

Don’t trust using person name account if you are doing business in beginning.Because some fraud will steal email and send mail to supplier.This have happened.

You have better make sure the bank account is correct in 2 ways. For example.


#8.Avoid bad products

low-price-low-qualityYou get what you paid.So don’t choose the lowest price products.

You may know that there is no lowest price products in China market.Different material have different price.

For example, The led chips.Price from hight to low

Brand chips(such as Cree,Osram,Epistar,Nhia,Sanam)
Normally,the chips price USA>Japan>Taiwan,Korea>China
Even the Chinese chips, there are also many quality level.
Gold wire>alloy wire
Copper frame>Iron frame
Silicon glue >epoxy glue
One bin color>different color

This show you the price is according to the material.Do research,check how is the price level in the market.Know more about the material.Then you can select the right price product.

Select the lowest price product means you select lowest quality product. Never don’t this.

#9.Shipping Methods

Types-of-Shipping-Methods-lightstecBefore order,you have to know how to ship the goods to your office/warehouse.

Delivery time from fast to low


Express is the fast way to delivery goods.It always can delivery your goods to almost any place in the world within one week.And this is also the most expensive way.This way is the good way for weight lower than 100kg.

>By air

By air also is a fast way to delivery goods.The price is lower than express.But you need to go to airport to do customs clearance.Of course, there are some companies can do this job for you .

>By sea

By sea is the low cost way to delivery goods. But normally it will need few weeks to delivery goods from China to your country.

#10.Order plan

order-planWhen you place an order,you have to think about the delivery time.

International trading always long time.So you have to consider that delays may happen.

The material may not be reach the factory on time.
The goods may not be produce on time.

The forward may not be book the flight on time.

The goods may be delay by customs inspection.

The goods may be delay by holiday happen.

So when you place an order,you have to think about delay happen and give enough time the supplier.

#11.All in one

Conclusion-lightstecCustomers are interesting in buying led lights from China because of they can earn more profit.

China lighting manufacturers can offer good quality and low price product.

So if you want to do lighting business in your local market,find a very good supplier is your most important thing you have to do.

If you are soucing led light from China,We are welcome you cooperation with Lightstec.

Manager Director-Jerry

About Author
Founder of Lightstec.Engineering degree.More than 13 years working experience in led lighting business.Familiar with producing led lighting products.This blog share you knowledge and solution in led lighting.Welcome sourcing led lights from China.

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