Brightest Led Light Strips on Market

If you are looking for a brightest led strip light for a lighting project, Here is the right place we can custom made led light strips for your request.Lightstec is one of the best led strip light manufacturer in China.Welcome sourcing strip light from our factory in bulk with factory price.

  • Brightest light strips for Wall and Ceiling Lighting
  • High brightness strip light for Stairs and Handrails Lighting
  • High lumen output light strips for Kitchen and Cabinet Lighting
  • High lightness light tapes for Office Lighting
  • Hight luminance tape lights for Furniture and Display Lighting

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    Customization Brightest Led Light Strips

    • Custom made high density led light stirps
    • Custom made color temperature for project request
    • Different kinds of high quality led chips
    • Leading Project Lighting Led Light Manufacturer

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      BIS led strip light LT-5050WW120R-W24-4

      Brightness Led Light Strips For Wall & Ceiling Lighting


      Brightness Led Light Strips For Stairs and Handrails Lighting

      led-aluminum-profile-for-handrails 2

      Brightness Led Light Strips For Kitchen Lighting

      kitchen lighting 1
      kitchen lighting 2
      kitchen lighting 3
      kitchen lighting 4

      Brightness Led Light Strips For Bathroom Lighting

      bathroom lighting 1
      bathroom lighting 2
      bathroom lighting 3
      bathroom lighting 4

      Brightness Led Light Strips For Office Lighting

      profile office lighting 4
      profile office lighting 2
      profile office lighting 3
      profile office lighting 4

      Questions You May Ask About Our Brightness Led Light Strips

      What are the brightest led light strips available?

      Before finding the brightest led light strips, we need to understand what factors are associated with brightness.

      1,LED density of the stirp light

      For the same LED chips, the more in one meter of the PCB, the more of the brightness of the strips.

      2,Wattage of the led light strips

      For the same led light strips, It can use different resistance to make different wattage. So the bigger of the wattage, the brighter of the strip light.

      Now, the led lighting effect is around 100-150lm/w. Then we can easy to know which strip light will brighter. The bigger wattage strip light, the brighter strip light will be.

      Do you need the brightest led light strips?

      In a lighting project, it will request you the brightness of the place where it needs to install led light strips.

      For the bedroom, we don't need very brightness.For the living room, we need brighter. For some office lighting, we not only need brighter but also need to dim the strip light when we are in some meetings.

      So when we buy the strip light, we need to check the request of the lighting project request. Then we can select the right brightness led light strips.


      How to select right brightness for our lighting project?

      When we are doing the lighting project, we need to select the right brightness for the place where we install the strip light.

      Here is a brightness chart for led lights for your reference.

      • Highlight – for features, coving, displays.
      • Work/Home – for living rooms, workspaces, domestic lighting.
      • Strong – for daylight applications.
      LED colour (Wattage) Lumens/metre Brightness
      White (5 watts) 420 lm (warm)
      450 lm (neutral)
      480 lm (pure)
      White (10 watts) 840 lm (warm)
      900 lm (neutral)
      960 lm (pure)
      White (12 watts) 1260 lm (warm)
      1350 lm (neutral)
      1440 lm (pure)
      White (20 watts) 1680 lm (warm)
      1800 lm (neutral)
      1920 lm (pure)
      White (24 watts) 2440 lm (warm)
      2620 lm (neutral)
      2800 lm (pure)
      Single Colour (5 watts) 66 lm (blue)
      90 lm (red)
      90 lm (amber)
      210 lm (green)
      Single Colour (15 watts) 198 lm (blue)
      270 lm (red)
      270 lm (amber)
      630 lm (green)
      Colour Changing (RGB / 7.5 watts) 540 lm
      (set to white)
      Colour Changing (RGB / 15 watts) 1080 lm
      (set to white)
      Colour Changing (RGBW / 10 watts) 720 lm
      (set to full brightness)
      Colour Changing (RGBW / 20 watts) 1440 lm
      (set to full brightness)

      What factors we need to consider befoer buying the brightest led light strips?

      Before we are buying the brightest led strip light, we need to consider some factors.

      1,Color temperature

      The different place need different led color, so we need to choose the right CCT.

      2,Wattage of the strip light

      Bigger wattage then more brightness. We need to select the right wattage of the light stirps.

      3,Power supply

      Some lighting project need dimming function,so we need to think about the dimmable power supplier.

      Can I use the bright led strip light with led aluminum profiles?

      We can use bright led strip light with aluminum profile is designing.

      You can use strip light with profile extrusion to make many lighting design.

      Here is a post you can get some ideas of "Aluminum profile extrusion application ideas".

      How many colors of the led light strips available?

      We can offer red/green/blue/pink/purple,etc.

      And we can offer white/warm white/nature white.

      You can check this post for how many CCT we can offer.

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