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Find your reliable LED strip light manufacturer in the USA

Looking for LED strip light manufacturers in the USA? We provided a list of top LED light suppliers for you to choose from. Check them choose the right one here!

There are many top led light strips suppliers in the United States of American, Sourcing strip light from the local market will convenient for your communication and delivery goods.

PS: If you need to find an LED strip light factory from China, Lightstec is one of the best options.


Ensure your installation is properly connected or add a touch of class to your project with our mounting supplies including professional-grade foam tape and extruded aluminum channels to diffuse your lighting installations.


LED Strip Lights for Architectural, Residential, and Commercial Applications
Flexfire LEDs' strip lights are extremely popular in many facets of lighting design thanks to their compact size, high brightness, and low power consumption. They are also extremely versatile, as shown by architects, homeowners, bars, restaurants, and countless others who are using them in every way imaginable.


LED Strip Lights
This is where you will find our large selection of LED strip lights in a variety of colors (single and changing), lengths and intensities. LEDSupply uniquely offers very short to extremely long lengths of strips, with wireless, wall-mount and remote dimming. These strips can work for a variety of home applications, both indoor and outdoor (with our weatherproof flex strips). LED strip lights are used for linear, low profile lighting or when space is tight. Some common applications include LED under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, lit stairs, bar lights, signage, display lighting, car strip lights, deck lighting and much more.


LED Strip Lights
Ecolocity LED has the web's largest selection of high-end UL Listed LED Strip Lights for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. We stock a variety of well-made strip lights in all kelvin temperatures as well as an extensive range of lumen outputs to choose from. Use our high quality LED strip lights for interior and exterior lighting areas where long-lasting, eco-friendly and customizable linear illumination is needed. The trusted 3M backing tape is mounted on every strip light and ensures long-lasting adhesion to any clean, dry, and smooth surface. All of our low voltage Ribbon Star tape light rolls are hand tested, rated for 50,000 lifetime hours and have a 2-year warranty. Browse our selection of premier RGB, RGBW, and Single Color strip lights below or give us a call with any questions that you have to determine which strip is best for your project


LED Strip Lights
LED strip lights are an energy-efficient, attractive and modern solution for today’s indoor and outdoor applications and everyday growing application needs. Project potentials are endless and utilized in various settings such as commercial and residential structures, productions, stage and studio, and theatrical design. Our LED full information packets can be found on their corresponding product pages and include detailed UL certification and compliance information, as well as UL Lab, tested photometric data. Sample segments and kits can also be found on each of our current high quality LED strip line product pages.


LED Strip Lights & LED Bars
Shop a large selection of LED strip lights for indoor or outdoor applications, such as under-cabinet lighting, coves, landscapes, vehicles, and more. Choose 24V or 12V LED tape lights of any color, brightness, or length, and install them using a range of compatible accessories. Rigid LED bars and flexible neon strips are also available.


Diode LED is the manufacturer of LED tape lights and LED strip lights that offer energy-efficient, stylish and modern solutions to the cove, under-cabinet, display, and other accent lighting applications. Flexible LED linear lighting has UL Listed with field-cuttable options. Our long-life flexible linear lighting solutions are easily mounted on most surfaces and is offered in your choice of LED density, brightness, and color temperature, along with color-changing and waterproof capabilities. Our LED neon, LED tape and LED strip lights are certified in multiple categories for all residential and commercial applications.


IP20 Series - LED Strip Light 24V - High CRI >95
Pro Series High-Density LED Diodes For Demanding Projects. Designer & Architect Friendly. ETL Certified


LED Tape Light / LED Strip Light
LED tape lights are a versatile solution for bias lighting, under stair lighting, railing lighting, under cabinet lighting, pathway lighting, cove lighting, and so much more. It's available in a variety of solid colors or RGB color changing kits when paired with an RGB controller. LED tape light can be used to reduce the energy consumed to light display cases or closets while also reducing the heat put off by puck lights or traditional overhead lighting. It comes in 12 Volt and 24 Volt strips which need to be paired with the correct voltage LED driver.


Need a custom LED manufacturing solution? Leave it to the professionals.
We prototype and assemble custom OEM lighting components for both emerging and established markets. Our expert engineers and product technicians can move quickly and design a solution on demand.

Work with a flexible, scalable LED manufacturing partner.
From major retail chains to small business prototyping, the experts at LED Lighting Inc. have unmatched flexibility. No job is too big, and our fast turnaround time enables new prototype ideas and quick implementation. We are based in the USA and provide same-day support for projects big and small.


Indoor flexible LED strips
We use Nichia or Osram LEDs in our products
and provide a 5-year warranty


The company’s focus is to refine today’s illumination by developing cutting-edge and technologically advanced lighting products that are functional and energy-efficient. Understanding that needs in today’s market is what drives us to excel.


LED Tape Light
Trulux lighting systems feature one of the most complete linear lighting systems on the market. Trulux systems combine a wide variety of tape light, compatible wireless controls, as well as linear extrusions for limitless customization. The matching components of the Trulux system make building custom fixtures a snap. Simply choose a type of tape, a controller, and an extrusion housing profile to suit the installation application in order to create fixtures such as undercabinet lights, step, and stair safety lighting.


Our FLEX-UP series was the first flexible LED strip introduced in the U.S. We have always stayed at the forefront of LED technology as it has advanced and continues to upgrade our offering such as CRIs of 90+ and unique options. The Static White Flexible 24V LED strip category is broken up into:


UL listed high quality LED strip lighting in 1800k 6500k All strip light are available in 12V and 24V and different lumen


LEDwholesalers® works closely with our suppliers and customers, to cater to all your LED lighting needs.
We welcome homeowners, electricians, contractors, and everyone to try and experience the future of LED lighting.
We enjoy hearing from our customers and partners. Please contact us with any feedback, questions, or concerns.
LEDwholesalers® values your business and looks forward to a brighter future.


Buy Best LED Strip Lights | Exterior LED Lighting For Home
W4S LED Strip lighting range
W4S established in 2004, has built up a large selection of LED strip lights for the display, architectural, residential and commercial industries


lightstec led strip light

China Led strip light manufacturer Led aluminum profile factory-Lightstec®

Lightstec® is a China Led strip light and led aluminum profile factory supplier over 10 years Manufacturing high quality led tape light,led profile extrusion,led linear light,led cabinet light with factory price Export kinds of led lights Welcome sourcing from us when you are find led manufacturer from China


If you want to find the best led strip light in the USA local market, this list is helpful for you.

If you want to source led light strips from China, pls contact with Lightstec.

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