Best Led Strip Light Supplier In UK

"Top LED Light Strips Supplier In UK"

Find your reliable LED strip light manufacturer in UK

Looking for LED strip light manufacturers in the UK? We provided a list of top LED light suppliers for you to choose from. Check them choose the right one here!

PS: If you need to find an LED strip light factory from China, Lightstec is one of the best options.


Flexible LED Strip Lighting
If you’re looking for an infinitely flexible solution to any lighting problem, then you’re in luck. Flexible LED strip lighting offers enormous scope in its applications and can be employed in the home, the office or as part of a decoration or art piece due to its unique flexible properties.


LED strip lighting is extremely versatile lighting that can be fitted into almost any shape; from straight lines to letter shapes and decorative shapes. LED strip lights can be used in commercial and domestic environments to highlight areas such as bars, stairs, and other surfaces. LED strip lighting creates an atmospheric ambiance, while gently drawing attention to a focus area of a room, and our LED strip lighting is available in individual pieces meaning you can easily customize your LED strip light installation to suit your needs. To make a unique decorative statement, browse our full range of led light, here at Dusk Lighting.


Diode LED is the manufacturer of LED tape lights and LED strip lights that offer energy-efficient, stylish and modern solutions to the cove, under-cabinet, display, and other accent lighting applications. Flexible LED linear lighting has UL Listed with field-cuttable options. Our long-life flexible linear lighting solutions are easily mounted on most surfaces and is offered in your choice of LED density, brightness, and color temperature, along with color-changing and waterproof capabilities. Our LED neon, LED tape and LED strip lights are certified in multiple categories for all residential and commercial applications.


LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Lights are the easy-to-use efficient way to get creative with your at-home lighting solutions. From providing a subtle glow to the underside of worktops and wall mounted units, to the more practical application of wardrobe and cabinet lighting, ‘plug and play’ LED strip lighting can help you to add a new and on-trend dimension to your home fixtures.

Thinking of adding LED strip lighting to your bathroom or kitchen areas? Check out our choice of splash-proof strip kits. Or perhaps add a rainbow finish to your child’s bedroom with our multicolor LED strips.


LED Strip Lights
Here at Ultra LEDs, you’ll find a wide range of LED strip lights that offer a stylish and cost-effective way to transform a space. They’re available in a wide range of colours and lengths so you can easily achieve your client's desired look.


We offer LED strip lights for every application, no matter if you're looking for kitchen under cabinet or complex multi-zone LED strip tape runs.


Wholesale LED Lights provides a range of flexible LED Strip Lights with a self-adhesive backing, ideal for a range of applications including under cabinet lighting and mood lighting.


LED Strip Lights
LED Strip consists of a thin flexible circuit board, made of copper with LEDs mounted at regular intervals to the front and a self-adhesive tape to the back. When lit the LEDs light forward from the top of the strip. Due to being relatively inexpensive, easy to install and versatile LED strip Lights are quickly becoming a popular choice to lift the mood in any space.


LED Strip Lights
LED strips lights are a particularly versatile form of LED lighting designed for use around the home, in your business or even in the garden and other outdoor areas. Formed of a long strip dotted with multiple LEDs, our LED strips lights are a high-quality lighting solution that can be used absolutely anywhere. They're ideal for creating accented lighting in your bathroom or kitchen, lining furniture and fixtures for a clean, modern look and highlighting parts of a room with their atmospheric illumination.

Sold on a long reel, your LED strip lights can also be cut to length to suit whatever you have in mind so, by purchasing our LED strip light connectors and adapters, they become an even more flexible lighting solution for your home or business. It's now easier and more affordable than ever to add LED strip lights to your home.


Our huge range of LED tape lights are supplied pre-cut to length all in stock for next day delivery Call for technical support and installation tips


LED Strip Lights
LED strip lights are flexible strips of LED chips well-suited for task lighting in any room of the house, including kitchens and bathrooms. Add them to coving, under cabinets and counters, inside drawers and closets, along stair rails and under steps. We offer a first-rate selection of LED strip lights in the UK.


If you are creating a professional display or want an evenly spread super bright light then 5050 LED strips would be our recommendation. LED strips or tape which use 5050 LED chips are the brightest available and often preferred by customers with a higher budget, each individual chip is 5mm x 5mm and emits a strong 120 degree spread.

We have 5050 LED strip lights in many different sizes and colours which cater for all uses, the strips are commonly used for mood lights but due to the high output from the 5050 LED chips it’s not unusual for them to be used as the main source of lighting on certain projects.


LED Strip Lights
LED strip lights designed by us in the UK and trusted by major brands across Europe in demanding retail environments such as window displays and cosmetics backlighting.


Your own lighting system is now possible with Ledison strip lights. We separate for easier navigation three categories: All types of LED strips, power supplies and LED accessories. If you still need some help to design your own lighting system give us a call and we will assist you: 02477 675575 or
email us: [email protected]


Smart Lighting Industries Ltd

LED lights specialist and stockist wholesaler. We supply indoor and outdoor lighting solutions at fair trade prices with free delivery and 30-day returns available.

email us: [email protected]


lightstec led strip light

China Led strip light manufacturer Led aluminum profile factory-Lightstec®

Lightstec® is a China Led strip light and led aluminum profile factory supplier over 10 years Manufacturing high quality led tape light,led profile extrusion,led linear light,led cabinet light with factory price Export kinds of led lights Welcome sourcing from us when you are find led manufacturer from China


If you want to find the best led strip light in UK local market, this list is helpful for you.

If you want to sourcing led light strips from China,pls contact with Lightstec.

How to find a UK led strip light supplier in local market?

A local market strip light supplier is a convenience for you to talk about detail and deliver goods on time.

In a big city, there are many professional lighting shops there. You can talk with them for information.

You can use Google search to find some suppliers in UK. You can use the keywords "UK led strip light supplier".Then it will show you some results.You can check it one by one. 

How to ship led light strips from China to UK?

China is one of the biggest led strip light manufacturer markets. There are many companies that come to China sourcing led products.

It is easy for you to ship goods from China to UK.

There are many professional forwarders who can help you. You can ship it by DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX. And it big quantity, you can ship by air and by sea.

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