Benefits of Using Solar-Powered Street Lights over Electric Lights

Street Lights

Solar power is being viewed as a dependable option for street lighting all over the world. There are numerous benefits of deploying solar street lights. Less reliance on the grid, conservation of energy, and reduced dependence on conventional energy are some of the benefits of using these eco-friendly lights.

Harnessing solar energy is a viable option for countries that experience an abundance of sunlight all through the year. They can use it for illuminating public spaces, parks, gardens, streets, and more. An integrated compact solar street light unit is environmentally friendly and also cost-effective. Moreover, it doesn’t demand much maintenance.

A well-designed solar street light is water-resistant, weatherproof, has a low glare, longer lifespan, and has a low insect attraction rate. You can check out a wide range of street lights for sale on different websites as well as physical stores. However, the reasonable ones can give you the desired results.

The solar panels embedded in the setup convert sun-based energy into electrical energy which gets stored within the battery. It can then be used from dusk to dawn for illuminating the streets.

Owing to the off-grid nature of solar street lights, these can be operated at minimal costs. These lights are wireless in nature and require almost zero maintenance. There is no threat of overheating, strangulation, electrocution, or other accident in case of these street lights. These illuminate the streets irrespective of grid failures and power cuts.

1.Solar lights are energy saving

The need for finding environment-friendly and resource-efficient options is getting stronger with each passing day. When compared to traditional street lighting, this form of lighting is completely renewable and doesn’t demand any use of fossil fuels.

One of the best parts about using solar-powered street lights is that they do not contribute to pollution and help in saving money in the long run. These illuminate streets throughout regardless of grid failures and power cuts.

2.Reducing carbon footprint with solar lights

Almost half of the carbon emissions are generated during the production of electricity from fossil fuels. When there is a complete shift towards solar energy, we can cut down the release of about 1,400 million tons of carbon dioxide.

There would be no need for constructing power stations. This is the reason why there is encouragement for shifting towards using solar energy for these lights. Click here to learn how these lights contribute to a greener environment.

3.No requirement for complex power facilities

The commercial traditional lighting project is quite complicated. It involves laying foundation work for the cables, ditch digging, laying cable pipes, and more which requires a lot of manual work to be done.

The installation of switchboards, distribution cabinets, and transformers would also cost a lot of money. However, this can be avoided with the use of solar-powered lighting. As each of the systems is individual, there is no need for electric equipment and other procedures.

4.No cable costs

The cost of laying cables and setting up electricity can be extremely high in remote areas. Moreover, there is always a threat of cable theft in such regions. Further, this can cause the entire power supply unit to crumble.

Using solar-powered systems can eliminate such concerns. This is because the solar lamp is not dependent on any cable network. Even if a theft were to occur, it would not halt the working of any other unit thereby cutting down potential losses.

5.Easy maintenance and intelligent control

Solar units are controlled with built-in intelligence that doesn’t require any manual operation. This makes them economical as well as safe. The entire process of setting up these units is time-saving and quite simple.

It wouldn’t demand much maintenance. It is no wonder why more and more renewable street lights are being used for public street applications.

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6.Environmental protection

Solar energy is renewable, clean, and green. Their wide usage can cut down the emission of carbon dioxide to a greater extent. This is the reason why it is environment-friendly and doesn’t contribute to the greenhouse effect that has resulted in global warming.

7.Saves money and easy installation

Installation of solar lights is easy and doesn’t require many expensive processes. Unlike electric lights, their setup doesn’t require electric wire trench from professional electricians. they can be easily installed within a few minutes. Follow this link to learn about charging household solar lights by yourself:

8.Smart control

Solar lights can be embedded with smart-control functions. They can turn on and off automatically by sensing the illumination conditions. These can turn off immediately after the dawn when there is increased traffic on the streets. The control systems eliminate the need for manual labor to take care of it after installation.

The light intensity can vary automatically depending on the need. For instance, these turn dim automatically during the night hours when there isn’t any traffic or activity. The in-built sensors make the operation of solar-powered street lights quite smart and convenient.

9.Are worth the investment

The installation process of solar-powered lights is affordable and simple. The lifespan of a traditional street light can be anywhere around 5,000 to 8,000 hours. However, solar lights can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years or even more.

These are more efficient and cheaper option in comparison to traditional street lights. As not all the place on Earth receives equivalent solar irradiation, the output generated in some regions will be higher in comparison to others.

In summary

These eco-friendly lights are the need of the hour with the world looking for an alternative solution to exhausting reserves of fossil fuels. These are easy to set up, do not require any installation of cables or transformers, and come with an in-built smart control system.

These units cost less, are easy to install, safe and convenient, provide environmental protection, and reduce carbon footprint. Investing in solar-powered solutions especially for street lights is one of the smartest moves that the civic bodies can make.


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