2020 Led Strip Light Ideas: 21 COOL Applications for Room Lighting


The LED strip lights are very easy using decorative lighting materials. People are very happy using this light strip when they light up their rooms, cars, and many things they want to light. The effect is awesome! LED light strips have a variety of applications. Here we are listing 21 COOL LED light strip ideas that you can work on using LED strip light. LED strip light has many kinds. Single-color, CCT change, RGB led strip light, RGBW led strip light, and Magic color led light tape. We … Read more

Best Led Strip Light Supplier In UAE

LED strip light supplier in Dubai

Find your reliable LED strip light manufacturer in UAE There are many good led light strips supplier in UAE, here we will give you some choices. Looking for LED strip light manufacturers in Dubai, UAE? We provided a list of top Dubai, UAE LED light suppliers for you to choose from. Check them choose the right one here! There are many top led light strips suppliers in the United Arab Emirates, Sourcing strip light from the local market will convenient for your communication and delivery goods. PS: If … Read more

Kill Coronavirus – UV Lamp Manufacturer in China


Coronavirus is a human scourge. The government and society are trying to kill the virus. We have to try out best to protect ourselves. We are using disinfectant to spray down counters, railings, tabletops, and other surface areas several times a day. That will use many protection materials. Now everywhere are the shortage of protection materials.No matter the mask or thermometer. UV light can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. That means you can use UV light to kill the viruses in your mask and thermometer and the … Read more

How to buy led lights from China?(Import Led Guide in 2019)


When we are doing lighting business,we have to know where we can get the high quality products.Stable sources of supply are very important. China have whole led lighting industry chain.Normally,lighting material including lighting sources,housing profile,driver.Customers all over the world are buy led lights from China.So if you are a buyer,you need to think about import led light from China. There are some confusing you need to solve before begin your import business. 1,There are many kinds of led lights in the market.How to know which is the best … Read more