How To Cut Led Aluminum Profile In Length?

cut profile with cutting machine

The led aluminum extrusions material is in 2 meter or 3 meter length normally.In most of the projects,custom-made length is required.You need to cut the aluminum profile to the correct length with cutting machine or hand saw. There is a simple guide to teach you how to cut the led profile in the correct length step by step. 1.Slide the led cover or click the led diffuser into the aluminium profile. Make sure the end of the cover and aluminum profile is smooth.In this way you can cut … Read more



When you are sourcing led lights from China. You can not check every order by yourself. If we don’t inspect the quality of the goods,many risks will happen. The led light factory will use another material for your products in some cases. Sometimes low quality. We need to avoid this happening that is why we need quality inspection before shipping. We need to check the products before shipping. Then we can know how is the production process. How are the products are assembling? What is the material quality? … Read more